The Blook Girl takes the privacy of her readers very seriously, especially her younger readers. The internet is a great place to find information and make new friends, but common sense is still important. You have to be responsible in sharing your own information.

Information we collect:

  • Cookies

When you visit, we send one or more cookies to your web browser. A cookie is a small, harmless piece of information that is stored in your browser. Only the domain which set that cookie can access the information from it. (i.e., other domains can’t access cookies set by us, and we can’t access cookies set by others)

  • Server Logs

Whenever you access a file from our website, the server logs the following data: (i) Requested file name, (ii) Your IP address, (iii) Date and time of request, (iv) Your user agent, (v) Referring webpage (if any), and (vi) Size of the requested document.

  • Blog Comments

Comments can be made on without any account registration. The standard visitor information like: IP address, email (not verified), name (not verified) and your website URL (optional) is logged against each comment you make on a blog post. Comments made via a social/email component do not reveal sensitive information to the administrator.

  • Visitor Patterns

We use a server side visitor tracking program (Joomla Watch) to see how our website, website sections, and webpages are performing. (e.g. Unique Visitors, Page Views, Total Visitors, etc.). This service tracks individual IP addresses, the Operating System of the individual, the location of the individual (based on IP address), the referrer information, and what pages are viewed and how long they are viewed. This is not a service and only the administrator of can see this information.

Other Privacy-Related Information:

All contests winners are announced on the corresponding contest blog of None of your personal information will be posted in the contest announcement, beyond your first name and last initial. may contain links to other sites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of other sites, which may be different from the privacy practices described in this policy. We encourage you to become familiar with privacy practices of other sites you visit, including linked sites.