Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. What does “BlookGirl” mean or stand for?

A: “BlookGirl” is a play on words. (And boy, do I love words!) I am a girl who blogs about books; therefore, BlookGirl! πŸ™‚


Q: Who is the “BlookGirl”?

A: My name is Kathryn “Katie” Tuccelli. You can learn more about me in the corresponding section πŸ™‚


Q: What can I expect to find on

A: Mostly subjective reviews on books from YA authors, as well as limited reviews of books from Adult & Middle School-geared authors. Also, giveaways, blog tours, interviews, book and writing-related news, and other random ramblings.


Q: Are you paid for your reviews? Are you a professional reviewer?

A: No and no. I read and publish my thoughts on what I’ve read solely Β for the joy that I get when I share a good book with others. I am not a professional; if I were, I would have an article in the New York Times and not in the blogosphere πŸ™‚


Q: Do you only review “good” books? How does one define a “good” book? What if you read a “bad” book?

A: Whoa, slow down there, partner! (There’s that Texas drawl.) I read in a wide variety of genres, from historical fiction to paranormal romance to thrillers. I typically only pick up books I think I will like; however, that does not mean I will find them all enjoyable. If that is the case, I will still write a review with my honest, fair opinion of the book.


Q: Do you buy the books you review, or are they given to you by others?

A: I buy most of the books I review; however, sometimes I borrow books from friends, am given books as a gift, score free books through giveaways, or am sent books by the author/publishing house.