Happy Wednesday, everyone! Can you believe we’re already in September?! I was at the store the other day and saw Christmas ornaments for sale. I am so not ready to see Christmas decorations out when Houston is still producing near 100-degree days! I hope it’s getting cooler where you are 🙂 Anyway, on to the books!

This week’s Waiting on Wednesday pick is due out on September 27, 2012 by Corgi Childrens:

You can’t choose your family… living or dead.

Trapped between two very different worlds, newly made vampire Moth is struggling to find her place in either. Not only does she have to answer to her strict Irish-Catholic Dad, but her over-protective maker, Theo, is intent on making her the star attraction in his powerful Boston vampire clan. Moth will have to pull off the double-act of the century to please both of them…

Adding to her problems is the dangerously attractive Jason Murdoch, a trainee vampire hunter who loves to play cat and mouse in his spare time (Jace = cat; Moth = mouse). But when the teenagers of Boston’s wealthiest families start to disappear, it forces Moth and Jace into an uneasy truce. Will they be able to solve the mystery behind the disappearances—before someone winds up undead?

I really like the premise of this one, and while vampire stories have become a bit old in Young Adult literature, they’ll always hold a special place in my heart. Plus, who wouldn’t love that gorgeous cover? Though, if you’re creeped out by moths and other winged bugs, this may not be the cover for you 😉

What are you waiting on this Wednesday?

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Happy Reading!