Lately, there has been a lot of hubub surrounding the YA book blogging community. Since the beginning of the year, author-reviewer drama has been so eloquently covered over at the CuddleBuggery blog, but something has happend over the past couple of weeks that has truly rocked the community. A highly-respected and admired blogger, Kristi at The Story Siren, was recently accused of plagiarizing six how-to articles for bloggers from four different bloggers that are not involved in the book blogging community.

This news caused division in the book blogging community, with bloggers and other industry professionals speaking out in favor of either Kristi or the four victims. There was name-calling, threats, anonymous emails and comments, and pure unadulterated vitriol. There were also some points of reason and rationality, but the mob mentality largely won out on both sides of the coin. With that said, I am not writing to declare a “side”, and will only say that, as an aspiring author, I would hate to have any part of my own work plagiarized and that there really is no excuse for it.

More than anything, this debacle opened my eyes to how comfortable we can become, as individuals and as a community, in following the pack and conforming to the “norm”. I started this blog to be an individual and soon found myself trying to get in on all the popular memes, checking my stats obsessively, desperately hoping my request for a book would be approved, and comparing myself and my blog to every other blogger/blog out there.

While I am so thankful for the amazing people I’ve met thus far, I’ve come to realize something: I don’t want to be like any of you. I want to be me. I may not have the most unique, pretty, popular blog around, but it’s my little slice of internet paradise that I will cultivate and grow, regardless of the number of hits the blog gets or the number of free books I am given. Why? Because I love books. I love sharing them with others, and I love discussing what I thought of a book with fellow book lovers.

Why do you blog?