What a day! Unfortunately, I had to find a new “forever home” for one of my fur babies, Godric, and it has to be the saddest day I’ve had in a long time 🙁 Thankfully, he did go to a nice home with loving owners, and he’ll have a nice backyard all to himself. So, it is this thought, along with the amazing books I received this week, that keeps me positive and looking forward. I plan on spending most of the day tomorrow reading one of two of these books, while enjoying my two other fur babies 🙂

Here’s what my mailbox looked like this week

Remember, click on the book titles to find them on GoodReads 🙂

I am particularly excited about this mailbox, because ReVamped sounds amazing and the reviews are completely stellar! Thanks to the lovely Ada Adamsfor giving me the book for review 🙂 I am also excited about Yesterday, as it deals with the ever-increasing virtuality of our world today. Thanks to Random House Children’s Books for approving me for the galley. I can’t wait to boot these books up on my iPhone/NOOK and dive in.

So, that’s it for this week! What was in your mailbox this week?goog

Are you interested in any of the titles above?

Some of these books have been out for a while. Have you read them?

Leave some “comment love” below, and let’s chat!